The Movie Trailer

MOVIE TRAILER FOR DREAMS OF AN AUTISTIC PLAYWRIGHT written by Jaison Hart, is a delightful, humorous, hopeful and touching play that educates us about the challenges of living with autism. It demonstrates the gifts a person with autism can bring to his community. 

Watch the Trailer for the DVD of the Play: “Dreams of an Autistic Playwright” by Jaison Hart below.

To obtain a copy of Dreams Of An Autistic Playwright, to learn more about licensing of the play, or to communicate with Jaison or his mother, Sharon, please fill out this form here. 


Starlight Dance_DOAP   Jaison quote credits_DOAP Jaison Mom and Laura_DOAP  Jaison + Ogre act 2_DOAP Jaison + Mom_DOAP Jaison + Little Mermaid_DOAP Jaison + Arabian Princess_DOAP DOAP title_DOAP Trevor, Jaison + Sharon Hart_DOAP Mack Bailey, Sharon + Jaison Hart_DOAP Aladin + Princess dine_DOAP Ogre watering__DOAP

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